Product Care

Thank you for your purchase. We hope you adore your new piece from Unurth!

Each product is handcrafted in Unurth’s California studio or by our production team in Portland, Oregon. Take pride in supporting local artisans!

Cleanup>>  Wet towel or Soap and Water. Wipe gently.

General>> Unurth’s products are ceramic and breakable. Please take appropriate precautions when handling. Please place all hanging items with caution and secure attachments. Practice fire safety when using any of our vessels for candles, we are not responsible for any mishaps due to irresponsible use.

Birdfeeder Instructions>> Thank you for taking me home! I am excited to join your lovely garden.

-Hang me from any tree or hook. Face my smile away from any walls so the birds can see me.
-Sometimes the birds will take a couple weeks to learn of the new food source. Be patient.
-Use wild bird seed for your region or any small to medium sized bird seed.
-Be aware squirrels will like me too! Hang away from these crafty critters.
-Remove hanging items during high winds and extreme cold temperatures.
-Clean up with soap and water.
Questions? Shoot us an email! hello (at) unurthhome (dot) com


Garden Stake Instructions>>

These are handmade ceramic items, please handle with care. To stake, make a small hole where you would like it to be, then pack soil around stake to keep upright.

For writing:

-Write on these with any grease pencil.  You may need to go over it a couple times for the grease pencil to “stick”.

-Once on there, the writing will last through rain and sun!

-To remove, scrap off excess then scrub with soap, water, and a scotch brite.

-Reuse again and again!