March Meet the Maker Challenge: Introductions

March 03, 2021

March Meet the Maker Challenge: Introductions

Hello friends! I'm going to hop on the #marchmeetthemaker ride. I have been writing daily and thought this would be a fun way to prompt my path forward and reintroduce myself. (Oh my how I am missing shows by now. My last was in 2017. I miss all your beautiful faces and all my art co-workers. To all of you I've met along the way and are still here, BIG FREAKING HUGS.)

Brand Introduction|

My name is Jenn Lamb. I created Unurth as a lens to channel my art making. Stemming from the phonetic spelling of 'unearth', Unurth was chosen since it related so critically to my sources of inspiration and how I acquire them. Nature is my main muse, encompassing everything from the heavens, to the tiniest mosses, to our own bodies. In the study, observation, experience of the natural world, we find refuge and insight into our lives. I know deeply we are more alike than separate. We are all made from the same stardust. My work is about the magic in the details that reminds you of the everchanging, everlasting sea or the poetry inherent in a feather's form. Unurth is about the love that beams back at us from the universe- call it spirit, god/dess, energy. The objects are my attempts to share it with you. I choose to make functional pieces because they can so meaningfully impact our daily lives.

About my journey...

Art has always been essential to me. I cannot remember a time when it wasn't in my radar. Growing up, my mom pursued art and I remember being surrounded by jars of brushes, big canvas, and the scent of oil paint. I've studied at Santa Monica College in the fabulous Art Mentor Program before pursuing a BFA at Otis College of Art. Coming out, I designed toys for manufacture, designed graphics and branding, and couldn't get the clay and art studio out of my head. I started Unurth in 2011 while working fulltime. Despite the many challenges, I cannot imagine returning to a corporate gig.

After a couple years off to care for my dearest Gramma, as many of you already know, I'm reengaging with my art practice and Unurth. It is a gentle process as grief is not linear.  I am lifted by the spirit and encouragement of my Gram and ALL OF YOU. I am astonished at the correlations between the pandemic and elder caregiving- both take away so much and have silver linings. We are almost through the winter friends... keep those dancing shoes shined!! There will be much rejoicing when we are through all this!

A couple other randoms about me: I skate something fierce. Before pandemic times, I played with my local roller derby league, Ventura County Derby Darlins. I LOVE sci fi and horror. I'm a brutal book nerd and prefer a well thumbed paperback. Music is life and I'm dreaming of the next mosh pit or concert to lose myself in. Cats are my buddies and I have 3! My spirit animal is Ferdinand, because I just want to sit and smell the flowers. I'm currently rewilding my garden spaces with native plants, cactus, and succulents to create the botanical garden of my dreams.

TLDR: Nature is my muse and art is life!

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