Keep your tools clean.

July 15, 2013 1 Comment

Copper tools from Giza

Tool :  anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose

Sitting at the wheel the other day, I had one of those moments- the "of course, how simple!" type of moment where the path becomes a little clearer. My tools for ceramics define the marks I make in a very basic way. Kept clean, rust free, they serve. When you start to make your own... well that's when things start to get really interesting. The tools become great extensions of your way of creating.

Tools are power too, especially when you create them for your craft, for your self. By creating your own tools, you begin to alter your world in your own way unlimited by the constructs of others.

The question arises: How can you create new tools for your craft that alters your work and makes it more your own?

Tools are not only things you hold in your hand, they are your hand, your arm, your eye. What is a tool if it is not  directed by your mind to create your vision? What is a tool if your body is incapable of directing it?

What you put in is what you get out. Care for your tools (mind, body, craft, design) and they will serve. Invest in them and they will surprise you.

I am marveled by the possibilities!

What is in your tool box?

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July 15, 2013

I’ve been so passionate about creating that I have almost every tool imaginable. However, since I’ve recently been immersed in embroidery my basic tools are: my most favorite little scissors from Japan, my favorite embroidery needle, DMC cotton floss, a blue stubby tailors pencil, an embroidery hoop and organic cotton muslin. I love the simplicity of it.
Love this topic and would love to see a photo along with everyone’s response!

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